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There are many costs involved in statistical software development. For instance, developing the software is only the beginning, you also have to develop and market the software, the products that you create using it must be sold, and finally, most importantly, you need to pay for all of the support that you will need to keep your software operational and to support it in the future.

The subject of security is critical to any business model. The current state of health care IT puts the safety of patients and employees at risk. You can make all the security software in the world, but it doesn’t help if your customers and clients aren’t actually using the tools that are being offered to them.

As a company with an in-house statistical analysis and reporting department, it is essential that you have robust security in place to protect your assets from unauthorized access. One way to reduce the costs associated with this security process is to adopt an open source approach to your software development efforts.

By adopting an open source approach to your software, you eliminate the technical limitations and challenges that a proprietary software product might bring. While this type of software is available in many different languages, it’s generally easier to integrate than programs that are proprietary in nature.

How much money do you think is saved by reducing your software cost through open source? Well, let’s take a look.

In terms of cost, you’ll have fewer tools that you have to buy. You can develop all of the pieces of your software, then try out different versions and then purchase the pieces that you like. While it may not be the most economical approach, this is the type of open source software that can save you lots of money.

In addition to cost savings, another benefit of adopting open source is that you’ll be able to use the same code across your entire organization. With closed source software, you have to purchase a license each time you wish to add or change the code in question.

You can also choose to buy a distribution that is written in different languages. However, your operating system may limit you to the capabilities of the code that you choose.

The combination of cost and interoperability can certainly help you reduce the overall software cost of adopting open source software. You can determine how much money you spend on your software development by simply looking at how much it would cost you to purchase a license for each version of the software.

Of course, there is one more type of cost that can help you determine how much software cost is involved with adopting open source. The quality of the code may be higher in some cases, and in other cases it could be lower.

It could be a source of immense cost if the code that you are developing is badly flawed or if the programmers used poor standards of coding practices. By developing your software with open source, you can rest assured that all of the issues that you encounter will be resolved before you receive your finished product.

Now that you know more about the possible costs associated with developing your statistical analysis software, you should be able to use this information to your advantage when choosing software. Start by evaluating the different elements of the software that you will need to support your business and your analytics requirements.

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