Statistics SAS matrix and tabular files are compiled in order to provide a report of a large scale. The use of a server of the better business bureau is essential in providing a well-known source of information. Statistics SAS files are used in the corporate research and the forecasting and management section.

Statistics SAS file contains most of the information that is required for the analysis of the business process. The use of the SAS is suitable for the development of product. Statistics SAS files can be accessed using the excellent tools of Excel and MS Access. The latter is used by all and they provide the facility of free Microsoft access.

In order to make the computation of the result easier, the MSSQL on-line database has been introduced. It is being used in the Corporate Research section. A data required for the calculation is stored in an off-line store, which is accessed from the Research. A permanent or on-line database can be used in the process of analysis.

It is not possible to calculate in a static system like the SAS. However, it is easier to use the data and the calculations with the help of the MSSQL server of Microsoft. If the system is set up in the web server like the MS SQL, then it is more easy to use the data and the computations. This facility helps to save a lot of time.

Most of the individuals are interested in doing the statistical analysis. It is also easier to do the analysis with the help of the MS Access and Excel. The use of the Microsoft access is preferred in a number of situations.

It is better to go for the system that is completely free. The only drawback of the service is that it does not have any native data base. There are various other applications which are licensed as a part of the MS Access and they provide an advantage for the system.

In this way, the data is able to be accessed from the web. However, there are some disadvantages that are associated with the MSSQL and MS Access server of Microsoft. For instance, the MS Access server can be connected to the computer through a modem while the MSSQL server can be used only through a web browser.

Another disadvantage of the program is that it is not easy to use the graphical user interface. Thus, it can be used for the statistical analysis only in special circumstances. A similar argument is used in the case of the MS Access. It is the user who has to decide whether he wants to use it for the analysis or not.

Statistics SAS matrix and tabular files can be used for the statistical analysis. The customer can use the results of the analysis to ensure that he uses the data. The results can be easily read from the server. The statistical reports can be created according to the requirements.

In the case of the MSSQL, the user has to enter the data into a database and the system then converts it into a matrix. There is no option for converting the output into a matrix. The matrix output can be read only if the customer enters the data into the MS Access database. The user is forced to start the process of finding the data using the MS Access.

Moreover, the regularities of the matrix and tabular reports are different and they cannot be linked with the routine data of the database. Therefore, the results cannot be predicted in such a way. Since the data base is also not of a standard format, the analysis must be done in a suitable manner.

The processing is done by the logical query and the system is in a position to predict the results. A logical query is that which identifies the probable effects of the database with the information in the matrix or the similar data. The system will be ready to compute the results in a short time.

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